A Field Guide to the F Word – Ben Parker

(Reviewed by JD Jung)

“In the post [WWII] years, The [F] Word began to creep into the mainstream, used for some supposed shock value. But then the dam burst. The incessant use of The [F] Word today has reduced its value to nothing more than sophomoric.” 

“The term is not necessarily pejorative when properly understood.”

WWII veteran Ben Parker appreciates the intricacies of the “F” Word and credits American and British soldiers for its proper use, even when used excessively. It served servicemen well because of its versatility.

Nowadays people use it repetitively and in the wrong context. Really, it’s not interchangeable with every  word. Unsure how to use it? Well,  fear no more. This 94 year old goes into detail and gives examples in order to educate us on its proper use.

We not only learn the root word, but how we can use it with suffixes like “er” and “ing”, as well as in between words to create a nice cadence and flow. Parker also gives examples on how we can change the stress of the word to alter its meaning.

This guide is enjoyable, opinionated, though not really satirical. A Field Guide to the F Word will make the perfect gift for the wordsmith in your life.

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