a jarful of moonlight-Nazanin Mirsadeghi

(Reviewed by Jeyran Main)

A jarful of moonlight is a collection of inspirational poems about love, hope, pain, grief, self-discovery and empowerment. The love poems are written with many exemplars and it is like a story. They are divided into three sections and each section describes the story as an incident with a continue flow of relativity to this raw emotion, love.

The love declared is one way though. The other half is in love with the moon and so the poems are written with a continuous flow of adoration and attention seeking from the person who leads. There are no names or characters implied.

I particularly liked the segment below taken from the book. I appreciated the perspective of the author viewing falling in love as not so much of a fall, but a rise.

“I’d love is falling

I don’t want to fall in love

I want to rise

I want to climb

I want to fly in love”

I only found the last chapter to be inspirational and directed towards a crowd that may not be seeing life as it is or is disheartened towards what their goal has been.

In summary this short book is written with a nice flow of poems that you may wish to read on a nice summer day.

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  1. Nancy Moore says:

    It seems like a nice book of poems. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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