After the Goode: A Jake Roberts Novel (Volume 3) – Cary Allen Stone

(Reviewed by Cathy Carey)

Cary Allen Stone has again drawn me into the world of Jake Roberts. But this time, I’m secretly rooting for the culprit.

After the Goode is not only a detective mystery but a love story as well. Unlike the previous two novels in the series, After The Evil and Mind Over Murder ,which describe the grim details of a murder scene, Stone devotes much of his writing describing the love relationships and friendships between the characters and their loved ones.

Jake, who was forced in retirement from the Atlanta Police Department, is now living in Los Angeles with the love of his life, Caitland, a high profile Hollywood agent who encouraged him to write novels. He is now enjoying a successful career as a novelist as well as owning the Roberts Detective Agency.

Jake goes to Arizona to see his best friend from childhood, Fred Campbell. While he is there, Bobby Goode, a world renowned comedian, is is performing at the club down the street .

Unfortunately one of the members of his audience during his opening night was not in the mood to be the brunt of Bobby’s jokes. He finds Bobby after the show and assaults him with a baseball bat. To defend himself Bobby pulls out his gun and ends up killing the man.

Jake is asked to help in this investigation by the lead detective, a woman named Wynter Williams. Bobby falls for Wynter, and at this point I couldn’t put the book down.

Stone has a way of pulling you into the personal lives of all his characters and I found myself wishing and hoping no one finds out that Bobby did this. This novel tugs at your heart strings

Will he and Wynter find true love and live happily ever after? The case has run cold. They have no evidence. Can love conquer all?

.I highly recommend After The Goode to anyone who enjoys a detective novel with a complex love story.

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