After the Kill: A Jake Roberts Novel (Volume 4) – Cary Allen Stone

(Reviewed by Cathy Carey)


“The victim, a prominent gray haired San Francisco lawyer was face up on his dining room table. His chest was cut on a “Y” incision, autopsy-style, and he was gutted. There were deep, straight- line knife cuts down the inside of both of his arms and legs. His tongue was cut from his mouth and lying on the lawyer’s forehead His eyes were poked so deep into his sockets by a still undermined method.”

This was the first in a killing spree that took place along the pacific coast as far north as Seattle and as far south as San Diego. However, this serial killer’s motive is revenge. She wants to finish off Los Angeles P.I. Jake Roberts who captured another serial killer (and his former lover!) and brought her to justice as she is now serving a life sentence.

After the Kill is the fourth and current novel in the Jake Roberts series. This novel is more action- packed than the previous three. It also left me exhausted and emotionally drained.
Though this can be read as a standalone book, I have read the other three: After The Evil , Mind Over Murder and After The Goode. I’m glad that I did, since I developed an emotional attachment to the characters. Unfortunately, that didn’t keep some of them from being killed off in this story.

Author Cary Allen Stone does not disappoint anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery and can stomach the vivid descriptions of the crime scenes. The events unfold in rapid succession. So fasten your seat belt, lock the doors and grab a bottle of wine to settle your nerves. You will need to have a good four hours or so before you can get off this thrill ride.

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