All at Sea – Heather Waddell

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)


Does a shot gun wedding truly mean happiness ever-after?

Melissa met Owen Reel on New Year’s Eve, and he proposed on a Valentine’s Day. Now, the perfect Caribbean cruise vacation is going to complete their reunion for as long as they live. At least that’s what Melissa had always wanted. But the cruise is revealing new sides of her fiancee that she never expected. And then the other shoe drops when she meets his brothers, who are also her ex-bfs. What is in store for Melissa’s future?

Happily ever-after is a plot line that all ladies like me have dreamed of when we were young and our Barbies were our best friends. Melissa is no different. As a reader, and a female I could relate to her dreams and aspirations of having the perfect story and the right man. On textbook, Owen fits the bill. But then the twist comes when her ex-boyfriends turn out to be her fiancée’s brothers. And that is where the plot line becomes interesting. Along with Melissa, the reader also gets involved in the process of comparing the three brothers: Owen, the stable guy with a gambling habit; Austin, the flirt and the charmer who knows how to make a person feel like the only person in this world; and Nicholas, the guy who never has the courage to take a stand. Three brothers, one bloodline, and personalities of extreme.

Heather Waddell has sketched out her characters beautifully and made them human enough to have faults, which makes it attractive to read more about them. I loved the writing style. There has been no lag in the story line even for a second, which makes it difficult to put this book down.  The cover page and the title perfectly suit the story line, ensuring the appeal factor.

I absolutely love this book! All at Sea is a must-read for  fans of romantic fiction.

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