All Darling Children – Katrina Monroe

(Reviewed by Jeyran Main)


All Darling Children is a twisted, dark, villainous  story about Peter Pan. The boy who never grows old, rules Neverland and is in charge of the night and day, rain and the sun plus everything that exists in this enchanting world. He conducts horrific crimes, to stay young. Everyone else has to pay the price for his needs. This is not his only crime, though; he has much more, and that is what makes this book extremely intriguing and thrilling to read.

Madge Darling is the daughter of Jane Darling and the granddaughter of Wendy Darling. Wendy has told Madge that her mother died when she was young and abandoned her. However, Madge does not wish to accept this and sincerely believes that her mother is alive. As she attempts to run away, she runs into Peter Pan. He tells Madge that he knows where her mother is. Madge flies to Neverland in the hope of getting some answers and meaning to her life.

Although Peter Pan was originally written by J. M. Barrie and intended for children, this book is not. It has many uses of profanity, murder, sexual content and disturbing twists to a child’s story. Katrina Monroe has taken this tale to another level. Her writing style is easy to understand and to follow. There is still an endearing love story hidden inside a very thrilling, blood shedding plot with a titillating desire to wanting a happy ending. You also get to meet Captain Hook and Tiger Lily.

Things cannot go more wrong for Madge as she discovers the truth about her family and now has to make the ultimate decision about her fate. I love how the title of the story has two meanings, “All Darling Children”. Darling is, in fact, the surname of Jane, Wendy and Madge yet you can also consider Darling to mean wonderful.

I highly recommend this book to all adult readers and Peter Pan lovers. Your Neverland will never be the same again.

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