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Into Autumn: A Story of Survival (Four Seasons Book 1) – Larry Landgraf

(Reviewed by Jeyran Main) Into Autumn is a science fiction story written about a man named Lars Lindgren. An apocalypse has happened ending any electricity, water, services, and gasoline. Life is hard for everyone, and Lars is able to somehow … Continue reading

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Nobody’s Girl: A Memoir of Lost Innocence, Modern Day Slavery & Transformation – Barbara Amaya

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “I was a survivor. A survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of my loved ones. A survivor of human trafficking under the belt of one of the most evil men I had ever met. A … Continue reading

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Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows – Balli Kaur Jaswal

(Reviewed by Ishita RC) Everyone sees Nikki as the wayward daughter without any responsibility, but the truth is far from it. With visions of emancipating the women of the Sikh community she left behind as a self-important teenager, Nikki is … Continue reading

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Adua – Igiaba Scego (Translated from the Italian by Jamie Richards)

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “In Somalia I was a young girl who was full of dreams and wanted to see the world. In just a few months they’ve manipulated, abused, used, transformed me. It feels like years, not months, have … Continue reading

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what if i got down on my knees? – Tony Rauch

(Reviewed by JD Jung) a series of romantic                                              misadventures                   … Continue reading

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Elle – Philippe Djian

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “It’s this other me coming out, though I fight it tooth and nail. It’s a me that invites confusion, flux, unexplored territories. I don’t know. I can’t screw open my head and take a look inside.” … Continue reading

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The Big Book of Rants – Rich Siegel

(Reviewed by Don Jung) Why is author Rich Siegel ranting? He relates his love/hate relationship with his life-long career in the advertising industry. This work of fiction based on real-life experience gives us an insider’s view of the industry. As … Continue reading

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization – Wayne Ellwood

(Reviewed by JD Jung) The “integration of the global economy” began over five centuries ago with European colonization, but has accelerated over the past thirty years with the increase of technology to move goods and capital. This has not taken … Continue reading

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The Happy Traveler: Unpacking the Secrets of Better Vacations – Jaime Kurtz

(Reviewed by JD Jung) What is happy travel? According to Jaime Kurtz, an Associate Professor of Psychology at James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, it is “travel that is pleasurable, meaningful, and engaging. “ Sounds nice, but there can be … Continue reading

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Engadine Aerie: A Hardy Durkin Travel Mysteries series (Hardy Durkin Travel Mystery Book 5) – Bluette Matthey

(Reviewed by JD Jung) Engadine Valley, a quiet remote Alpine resort, is about to host a popular ski marathon. However, right before the event, a man is murdered on the slopes and this has international implications. Najib, who was sent … Continue reading

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