Aviation: History of Aviation: Aeroplanes, Balloons and the Zeppelin – From: da Vinci and The Wright Brothers to Modern Fighter Planes. How The Icarus Dream Became a Reality – Henry Stewart

(Reviewed by JD Jung)

Aviation: History of Aviation took a subject that I wasn’t particularly interested in and turned it into a fascinating read. It covers quite a lot in just 36 pages.

It starts out with humans’ early desire to fly with the myths of Icarus and Pegasus to later experiments such as to Leonard Di Vinci’s Ornithopter failure. It shows the history and science behind the hot air balloon and Zeppelin.

It goes into a concise history of the airplane as we know it now. From the Wright Brothers to the role of aircraft in WWII, why NASA was formed, and the Concorde and the breaking of the sound barrier.

It even goes into the possible future of aircraft. Flying cars?

If you never thought you’d be interested in Aviation and the history of flying, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend this.

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