Beyond the Carousel – Bette Lee Crosby

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)


A family tragedy that spans over twenty years, and a detective who believes that justice has a higher power than law and is determined to make things right.

“Life is like a carousel; what goes around, comes around. “

I am deliberately keeping the synopsis brief; the book is truly a delight to read and discover and empathise with; so it’s unfair to write a lengthy description and spoil the plot. I don’t know how this started as a series, but as an individual book, this will definitely leave an impression.

The plot is quite simple; it starts with a young couple who ends up with a chance inheritance and builds a life on Chester Street. The story of bringing future generations and the happiness and tragedy that follows has been beautifully linked to the simple beginning. The story definitely talks love, happiness and family intimacies, but it also dwells upon how everything in life comes to a circle – karmic justifications or the comfort of beginning a new life in the same house that your grandparents once built.

I absolutely loved the simplicity of the plot-line and how the characters are deeply entrenched within it, while making an individual presence in the minds of the reader. The narrative style is a combination of a memoir as well as tone of narration in second person.

The cover image and the title is perfect, if you follow the quote that I have provided at the start. Basically there is a complimentary balance throughout the entire book which is quite soothing for the reader. One thing though– if you go by the description that has been provided for the book, you will imagine a plot-line that is quite different from the one that has been provided. That discrepancy would be the only negative from my side.

Beyond the Carousel is simply beautiful and much recommended.

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