Blood Betrayal (Deathless Night Series Book 4) – L.E. Wilson

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)

Vampire Christian Moore has always lived by his personal code of morals, until a curse finds him looking for solace, bed-hopping between countless women. On one such night, he finds himself helpless, kidnapped, caged and at the carnal mercy of a woman with eyes of midnight sky and hair resembling sunset. He craves her physically while his blood sighs for her. He can’t have her. But, he can’t not watch her.

Ryan Moss has been a troublesome teen since the age of fifteen and started hearing voices in her head. Fearing the worst, she resorts to the numbness of drugs. To be with him, she fears one thing most: her sanity. They both need to make a choice before ancient threats tear them apart.

The book was a fabulous gift for ARC. It is a captivating and engaging read which has an excellent plotline and strong characters. Being the fourth installment in the series, there is an obvious gap in the story; thankfully, none of them can be experienced while reading the book. I really wish I can get access to the rest of the series.

The characters have unique personalities, and their inbuilt chemistry definitely can be described at best as combustible. The best part about the book are the moral implications that have been touched upon such as the struggles of drug abuse. To maintain continuity, all the other characters have been briefly highlighted as part of the plotline. The cover image reflects the same passion that has been shared by the characters. I failed to see how the title is related to the plot description.

I loved this book, and I really would like to complete the whole series. I’m definitely recommending Blood Betrayal.

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