Breaking Silence: A Novel – Linda Castillo

Reviewed by Donna Lewis

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Kate Burkholder, the police chief of an Ohio Amish town is faced with what at first appears to be a tragic accident.However,  it soon becomes evident she the town has been confronted by a gruesome triple homicide. Chief Burkholder, who bears an Amish past, has her own personal reasons to pursue the killer.

Breaking Silence is a very compelling police/murder mystery that moves at a comfortable pace, with the case shifting in unsuspected directions. In dealing with the murder of an Amish family, Chief Burkholder not only has to solve a murder, but also has to come to grips with her own very troubling and tragic past, including being expelled from the Amish society.

Author Linda Castillo’s characters are multi-dimensional, and very real and empathetic. She creates a real sense of intimacy among them. For instance, Chief Burkholder engages in a romantic relationship with another police officer who is also emotionally damaged by the rape and murder of his wife and daughters. They have a past relationship and are reunited in this case.

The story is captivating to the very end and provides a fascinating look into the Amish community. This book will appeal to anyone who likes a good “who done it?” with lots of twists and turns. If you like interesting, believable characters dealing with complex situations and emotions, then this book is definitely for you.

Breaking Silence is the third installment in the Chief Kate Burkholder series, but the first that I have read. I am definitely looking forward to enjoying more from Linda Castillo.

Submitted by Donna Lewis

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