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Make Wizardry Great Again – Rednal Sua

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “We gotta put up a a wall. A yuuge wall around the the whole resort so nobody can get in unless they’re loaded with money or guns. Only pure-blooded Americans. And pure-blooded Scottish. And half-German, half-Scottish.” … Continue reading

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The Little Book of Sham: More secrets than “The Secret” Funnier than “The Tibetan Book of the dead” More urgent than the “Power of Now” – Keith Martin

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “Trolls use to live under bridges. Then they migrated to Twitter. Now they run for President.” Or how about this one? “Swearing is caring. Swearing shows passion, can help reduce the sensation of pain and is … Continue reading

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Amerikan Krazy – Henry James Korn

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “The next thing Herb knew he was standing naked in the Johns Hopkins University powerhouse with a combination of Kennedy’s brains and his study date’s menstrual blood smeared all over his body…” This hallucination was among … Continue reading

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The Jolly Coroner: A Picaresque Novel- Quentin Canterel

(Reviewed by JD Jung) Finally, a novel that encompasses what I  enjoy most in a read… “If we can get the news stations interested, maybe we could find something that would lead to the closing down of a prostitution ring and … Continue reading

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Round Seventeen & 1/2: The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Inefficient – Rich Siegel

(Reviewed by Don Jung) We’ve evolved from the mad men of the 1960’s and 70’s to the internet and  social media of the twenty-first century. However, one thing hasn’t changed. The advertising industry still tries to get you to buy products … Continue reading

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The Deleted E-Mails of Hillary Clinton: A Parody – John Moe

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “We are holding a heavily sedated Beyoncé in the State Department bunker as she undergoes some reeducation exercises. Once we have her fully convinced that it is in everyone’s best interests that she concentrates on music … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Dumb Snatchers – Scott Erickson

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “…bicycles are stupid. It makes no sense to ride a bike when there are so many parking lots designed just for cars. If you don’t drive a car, you’re wasting parking spaces. …. If everyone rode … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Fucking Up- Cate Dicharry

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “Never could I have imagined such a circumstance: the building underwater, Ramona trapped inside, the Pollock in peril, Suzanne and James in love in a kayak, Ethan at home playacting fatherhood with an international exchange student, … Continue reading

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The Cowboy Bible and Other Stories – Carlos Velázquez (Translated from the Spanish by Achy Obejas )

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “The sacrilege I’d committed two hours earlier of breaking dozens of records proved irrelevant. The Cowboy Bible didn’t respond either. I tore at it, implored it, cursed it, and still failed.” These are the words of … Continue reading

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Fardwor, Russia!: A Fantastical Tale of Life Under Putin – Oleg Kashin, (Translated from the Russian by Will Evans)

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “Fardwor, Ruissa!” The girls at the mental hospital mean “Forward, Russia!”, but it doesn’t come out that way, and as everything else, is blown out of proportion. That is one aside but amusing part of the political satire, … Continue reading

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