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The LoveSpell Experiment: My Year Exploring Love & Discovering a Secret to Happiness – I. J. Weinstock

(Reviewed by Pat Luboff) While celebrating New Year’s Eve, I.J. Weinstock heard his late wife, Joy, ask him… ‘What do you love?’ I liked The Secret Sex Life of Angels by this author, so I was interested in reading this … Continue reading

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The Least Among Us: Waging the Battle for the Vulnerable – Rosa DeLauro

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “Morally speaking, the social safety net acknowledges that we are accountable to one another. It originated from our recognition that the vulnerable and the poor are not alien populations; they are us, in certain times and … Continue reading

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Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way – Ryan White

(Reviewed by Don Jung) There are so many interesting tidbits in this book about the life of Jimmy Buffett, but it is different than most biographies. It’s written by an outsider who has been fascinated by this man, since both … Continue reading

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Raising a Hand: A Photographic Music Festival with a Cause – by Dave Clements

(Reviewed by Pat Luboff) “What you are about to see is a collection of…entertainers representing all genres of music from around the world, coming together abstractly “in concert” for the first time.” If this were an actual music festival instead … Continue reading

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American Rococo: Essays On the Edge – Isham Cook

(Reviewed by JD Jung) Isham Cook advises teens to get rid of their smartphones. He equates Airbnb with an upgraded way of couch surfing. He’s obsessed with big breasts and younger Chinese women. By the way, he currently lives in … Continue reading

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Nobody’s Girl: A Memoir of Lost Innocence, Modern Day Slavery & Transformation – Barbara Amaya

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “I was a survivor. A survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of my loved ones. A survivor of human trafficking under the belt of one of the most evil men I had ever met. A … Continue reading

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization – Wayne Ellwood

(Reviewed by JD Jung) The “integration of the global economy” began over five centuries ago with European colonization, but has accelerated over the past thirty years with the increase of technology to move goods and capital. This has not taken … Continue reading

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The Happy Traveler: Unpacking the Secrets of Better Vacations – Jaime Kurtz

(Reviewed by JD Jung) What is happy travel? According to Jaime Kurtz, an Associate Professor of Psychology at James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, it is “travel that is pleasurable, meaningful, and engaging. “ Sounds nice, but there can be … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time – Brooke Gladstone

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “American history is picked with ferment, battles and brawls over with is true. But at this moment, the nation seems to waging Civil War over reality itself. It is thrilling to watch, and tough to sit … Continue reading

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Madame Alexandra’s Rule of Business…revisited

(Reviewed by JD Jung) Apparently businesses still forget what drives success.  Here’s a reminder… “…money brings the only worthwhile thing it can bring: freedom…it being only the medium of exchange between a man’s labor and his freedom. Labor is not … Continue reading

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