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Books under 150 pages

Dreams of Heaven – Elizabeth M. Herrera

(Reviewed by Pat Luboff) Savannah waited to see if her sister would notice Jesus standing beside her, but Denise simply walked over and hugged her. However, she did notice the throng of doves covering the deck.         … Continue reading

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The Butcher’s Daughter: A Memoir – Florence Grende

(Reviewed by Judy Deutsch ) The Butcher’s Daughter is a personal story of a young girl in Poland during The Holocaust and how she and her family survived. The book reads like a diary and is filled with descriptions during … Continue reading

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The Tower of the Antilles – Achy Obejas

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “We explained that where we come from the greatest achievement is to leave.” And leaving Cuba means reinventing oneself in a new country. The Tower of the Antilles is one of ten short stories centering on … Continue reading

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Make Wizardry Great Again – Rednal Sua

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “We gotta put up a a wall. A yuuge wall around the the whole resort so nobody can get in unless they’re loaded with money or guns. Only pure-blooded Americans. And pure-blooded Scottish. And half-German, half-Scottish.” … Continue reading

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The Hanging Tree – Michael Phillip Cash

Another Halloween pick! (Reviewed by JD Jung) “If she couldn’t move the girl, she would do her best to preserve her innocence, or what was left of it.” Summer of 2013 – Oyster Bay – Seventeen year old Arielle was angry at … Continue reading

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The Black Spider – Jeremias Gotthelf (Translated from the German by Susan Bernofsky)

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “And now the people where gripped by the ancient fear that the spider might carry off an unbaptized infant, the pledge of their old pact. The woman was beside herself, she had no trust in God, … Continue reading

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Mygale – Thierry Jonquet (Translated from the French by Donald Nicholson-Smith)

Acheter ce livre! Ah, revenge can be so sweet. Now mix it with obsession and a touch of madness, and it turns utterly twisted and bizarre.  Such is the case with the intense and fascinating novel, Mygale, written by the … Continue reading

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