F Is for France: A Curious Cabinet of French Wonders – Piu Eatwell

(Reviewed by JD Jung)


Did you know that French president Félix François Faure was the only known head of state to have died while having an orgasm? How about that at one time in history male impotence was considered a crime In France?

Do you know that there are more bakeries in Paris than bars? Can you name the ten most popular cheeses in Frances among the one thousand varieties?

F is for France is a wonderful encyclopedia full of French historical and cultural trivia. The proper way to prepare Absinthe, rules for serving wine, the most popular main dishes, and of course, French etiquette are all in there. You’ll even find recipes.

Many misnomers and myths are also exposed. The French press was not invented in France. In fact, France is not even among the top ten countries with the most coffee consumption.

Kissing practices in France vary widely from region to region. Want to know about French fashion? Just look under “F”.

With the permission of the president, you can marry a dead person. The word “necrophilia” was first used in relation to François Bertrand, a sergeant in the French army. I can go on and on with these fun facts. There’s so much in here at only 224 pages.

Author Piu Eatwell has lived in France for over a decade. This “tribute to everything eccentrically, paradoxically, surprisingly, and delightfully French” will be the perfect gift for family, friends or any Francophile in your life. Enjoy!

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