French Quarter Drinking Companion – Allison Alsup, Elizabeth Pearce, and Richard Read

(Reviewed by Pat Luboff)


Imagine hitting every watering hole in New Orleans and soaking in the ambiance and the cocktails! These writers must have had a lot of fun doing research for this book.

French Quarter Drinking Companion takes you along on the trip, letting you know what you’ll see, what you’ll hear, and what to drink. You’ll also know how much you’ll spend, what to wear, what music you’ll hear, and even what tattoos you’re likely to see on your fellow imbibers! If reading all that info isn’t enough, you can pre-visit the bars through the website addresses they provide.

But this is not just a dry list of factoids. Each entry is accompanied by a lively account of “being there.” These stories sparkle with details and anecdotes that make the reader want to head on down to The Big Easy and have a drink in each and every one of the bars in the book! Even if, like me, the reader isn’t that much of a drinker. At a rate of a drink or two a night, it could take me months to cover the territory. Or, maybe I should hire one of the authors, Elizabeth Pearce, who offers cocktail tours of the city! Or, maybe I could narrow down my choices with the help of another of the authors, Allison Alsup. She co-created the blog, League of Spirited Tipplers, which provides information on the best bars in the French Quarter.

This book is a great gift for a friend who is planning to go to New Orleans, or even for you as a good excuse to take a trip!

I would give this the top number of bookmarks for readers traveling to New Orleans, but this book would probably not be useful for others. We’ll settle in between at “4”.

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