Heels over Head Paperback – Clay G. Small

(Reviewed by JD Jung)


“The Lindon brothers and their redneck friend had not only humiliated him in from of the whole damn school but had unleased his father’s scorn. Guy Jr. tightened his fists. No matter how long it took, his enemies would pay a hefty price for causing his father to treat him with such loathing and disdain, a price he alone would dictate.”

Guy Wheeless Jr. still can’t forget these embarrassing moments from high school and seeks revenge after all these years. Guy is from a prominent Wichita family and the other three are from modest means. Now they are 50++ and all very successful—that is, except for Dan Moore. Guy did succeed in getting him disbarred, and ruining his reputation. He still hasn’t settled the score with brothers Marvin “Marvelous” and Henry Lindon and his impatience in doing so is getting the better of him.

Both brothers were successful executives, though Henry has his own issues. He always lived in free-spirited Marvin’s shadow and still resents it. Henry worked his way up to CEO of a large company, but then lost his job when the it underwent a hostile takeover. With that job loss, he also lost his identity. As a result of his contacts, Marvin was able land Henry a teaching job at Southerland University. Though happy to get the job, he wished it wasn’t through Marvin’s influence. His unhappiness has also taken a toll on his marriage.

Family issues, infidelity, bribery, psychosis, murder and, of course revenge are all themes in Heels Over Head. The story takes us from Wichita to Dallas to Mexico and Argentina. When a story tends to do so much, it usually ends up as a hodge-podge of events just thrown together.  Surprisingly this doesn’t happen with this novel. There’s a lot going on, but it all comes together in a cohesive fashion.

Another element that makes this book so engrossing is that the story is character-driven without compromising on the strong plot. You know the characters and what makes them tick.

Heels Over Head is an engaging novel that I couldn’t put down. I’m looking forward to more from this author.

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