His Fake Alien Fiancé – Patricia Eimer

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)

Princess Perripraxis not only has to find a fiancé—and fast—she’s has to find one who doesn’t mind that her “no makeup” face has green and purple scales. Otherwise, Daddy Dearest is going to take her back to her home planet to marry her off in order to strengthen kingdom alliances. Only her human best friend can now help in finding an amiable solution to this other-worldly problem.

Bartender Brandt Turner has learnt from his army days that you never leave a man behind— or an alien princess in need of a pretend fiancé. If she needs someone to play the lovesick fool to convince her dad to let her stay on Earth, well then, he’ll let the world think Cupid finally took him out.

In a world where all things are alien, can Brandt realise his love for the alien princess?

Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from this book, despite a cheery cover image and an equally amusing plot description and a title that matches it all. The plot has been beautifully written with the perfect balance of humour, drama and of course romance. The characters from two opposite spectrums, literally, manage to blend their own personality quirks within the plot, thereby keeping the readers engaged till the very end. The narrative style is simple and humorous and yet pays attention to finer details like an alien species and their cultural differences. Instead of the blood and gore that is usually seen when it comes to anything that is alien, this was unique and uplifting with its intergalactic morality.

I will definitely recommend it for a try, especially you are bored of the usual fare of chick lit.

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