Inkslingers Ball – Sheila Lowe

(Reviewed by Cathy Carey)


Annabelle is a troubled teen who at a young age has suffered more tragic events than many adults have suffered in several life times.

Her temporary guardian, Claudia Rose, is an expert forensic graphologist, highly regarded in her field. Claudia’s niece, Monica, is best friends with Annabelle. Annabelle has come a long way to overcome the post-traumatic stress of her horrific past. She has made tremendous strides through the love of Claudia Rose and the help of a therapist.

However, this is about to unravel.

One afternoon Annabelle and Monica are playing hooky and go to Venice beach. Annabelle meets up with a former friend named Angel from a part of her troubled past that unfortunately, should have been left there.
Annabelle is immediately taken by a tattoo that Angel has and insists on getting one, even though she knows Claudia would never approve. Unaware how this tattoo is a common denominator that will unfold a murder mystery beyond her wildest beliefs, Annabelle is just a restless teenager finding her own way.

This is where the story takes a surprising twist. It turns into an incredible journey into the dark seedy world of criminal tattoo artists, murder, and arson that involves these women, a soccer mom, another tattoo parlor and a journalist. And, the lead detective in the case, Joel Jovanic, is none other than the live-in love of Claudia Rose!

I was sitting on the edge of my seat as I watched Detective Jovanic unfold this horrific investigation and the realization that he is living with the two people who have the key information that solves this case. Will his relationship survive this unexpected revelation?

Sheila Lowe takes us through the dark side of this culture and the dramatic turn of events with every turn of the page. I gave this “5 bookmarks” because it is the best book I have read in a long time. It educated me as well as kept my interest with every turn of the page. The characters were all connected in some way without realizing it. It left me wanting to read the entire collection.

Warning: Lowe’s stories are addictive! I know if I start reading I won’t get anything done.
I am dying to dig into the first of the Claudia Rose series.

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