Intimates and Fools Paperback – Laura Madeline Wiseman (Author), Sally Deskins (Illustrator)

(Reviewed by Cathy Carey)

New styles of bras always swear they’ll save me. They like to lie. I’ve the stretch marks to prove it. Or they’ll come home with me to pinch my shoulders. Or they’ll dig red rings around my rib cage. Or they’ll twinge my nipples. Promise after empty promise. 

Who knew someone would dedicate poetry to a garment women wear daily? But there’s more here: a little glimpse of life.

Intimates and Fools is an amusing collection of poetry dedicated to the bra – 34 pages of colorful,  bright illustrations and whimsical poems.

Poet Laura Madeline Wiseman takes what every girl and woman has thought about her breasts and adds a imaginative twist.  Artist Sally Deskins fun, contemporary-styled illustrations take it even further.

I found Intimates and Fools very humorous and completely enjoyed it. This would make a perfect gift for any woman-that is, one who appreciates art and has a quirky sense of humor.

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