Kill Without Mercy -Alexandra Ivy

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)


Hell is all they know. Hell is all they have seen and perceived. And, hell is the reason why they forged the strongest bond of friendship, loyalty and trust. Rafe Vargas knows that if there are two things that he can always count on – his gut instinct and his four friends/ military personnel.

Hell has been all that she ever knew. Her past has made it hard for her to live in the present. And from the evidence that can be perceived, it has come back to haunt her with a vengeance. Will she ever be able to move beyond the shadows of her past and learn to be with the one man who makes her feel safe?

Looking at the cover image and the title, I expected a traditional women’s fiction with few elements of intrigue and action. What I got in reality was a thriller with excellent plot line involving serial killers, murders and mayhem. I sound gleeful don’t I? Well, when a story takes an unexpected turn and leaves the readers happy with their expectations, that’s what it should feel like.

Being kick-off to the start a new series, the plot was definitely able to pack a punch with its balance of action, mystery, romance and thrillers. There is a consistent flow in the story which is engaging for the reader and will make them want to finish the book in one go. The narrative style is kept simple and consistent enough, which helped in understanding and following the story from start to finish.The characters have been justified in their role in the plot and have been sketched with full intention of further development in future installments of the series. It was easy to fall in love with lead characters due to the way they have been described.

Due to the thriller element that has been introduced in the plot, even though the title lived up to the main plot, I felt that the cover image fell short of creating the needful expectation and anticipation. However, the sex-packs definitely is attractive to say the least.

Usually I do not have much expectation when it comes to the plot-line of romantic books. The element of mystery and thrill definitely was a pleasant surprise and made me nostalgic for Nora Roberts and Tess Geritsen.


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