Make Wizardry Great Again – Rednal Sua

(Reviewed by JD Jung)

“We gotta put up a a wall. A yuuge wall around the the whole resort so nobody can get in unless they’re loaded with money or guns. Only pure-blooded Americans. And pure-blooded Scottish. And half-German, half-Scottish.”

While visiting his golf courses in Scotland, Drum, a successful American businessman, believes that he and only he can free the world from the evil doings of the Magic Ministry.

This comes about after he finds another business opportunity—turning Hogwash Academy into a hotel and casino. Of course, he has to deal with  former student and wizard Henry Plotter and his friends Weed and Hermorrhoida. There’s also a lot of history in this battle, among them Henry’s and Drum’s fathers and hair.

A lot goes on in this wild and satirical look at this impulsive and narcissist American businessman. I’m not familiar with the Harry Potter series, but I still found this hilarious. In this “American presidential candidate meets a fantasy novel series”, you can take what you want from it. (BTW could there be more to the resignation of former British Prime Minister David Cameron? )

What I didn’t like was the abrupt ending. When I asked author Rednal Sua about it, he advised me that maybe it wasn’t a “true ending”; that there may be a sequel. I hope not, only because that would mean that the protagonist would still be relevant after the U. S. November election.

In that case, he will have access to the nuclear codes and the future of the real world will definitely be at risk.

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