Most Wanted – Lisa Scottoline

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)


Christine always wanted to have a family of her own – a husband whom she loved and who loved her back and the children they would have together. What she never imagined was that her husband might end up being infertile and the child that she wanted would have to be conceived using a sperm donor.

Three months pass and she is happily pregnant. But instead of looking at her first ultrasound, she finds herself looking at the bulletin news of a man who looks uncannily like her sperm donor, arrested for a series of brutal murders. What follows is an emotional journey in search of truth.

Holy Cow!!! I am so glad I opted for this book. I should thank the author for the brilliant playoff contradicting the cover image with the title; it definitely works in attracting attention.

The book is quite simple when it comes to its main plot; infertility and sperm donation is slowly emerging to be one the biggest health concerns in the current population. There are huge number of factors involved – the clinical nature of infertility as a medical problem, the ethics and laws that form the pillars, and the emotions and psychology that get invested through the people that are involved. The author was brilliantly able to capture all these essences in this book, which definitely helped in making it more insightful and interesting.

When the foundation is strong, it can build mountains. Thanks to the solid plot and excellent narrative style, the characters have been built with fiction in mind and yet grounded in reality. The humane traits of each personality helped in making them approachable and easier to relate. I was not overtly fond of the lead character Christine since I found her too naïve, but by the end of the book she definitely grew on to me as a person.

There is not a single thing about this book that I won’t praise, so yes I am definitely going to recommend this to one and all. You won’t be able to put it down once you dig in.

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