My Ladybird Story: The growing pains of a Transgender – Magus Tor

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)


When a Man loves a Woman, It is Heterosexual

When a Woman loves a Woman, It is Homosexual

When a Female Transsexual loves a Woman, What will it be?

That is the synopsis of My Ladybird Story, and it is such a fascinating book! Comprised of an inspiring and empowering chronicle of self-discovery, the plot has been beautifully narrated from two perspectives – the lead character John and his best friend Aureus. This includes bullying from peers and the struggles and self-depreciation of a teenager who is stuck in a body that he is not able to understand or relate with.

Despite the fact that the entire plot has been divided into four sections, there is no distinction in the way the story flows. The lesson imparted goes beyond what was expected of the plot. The characters are strong and empowering and immediately form a bond with the readers without any hardship. The cover image definitely could have been better, though.

This is a beautiful, empowering book that can be recommended to all age groups.

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