Now you’re rating books?

After finishing the extraordinary thriller, Mygale, by the late Thierry Jonquet, I realized that I needed a way to distinguish the exceptional “must read immediately” from the “very good, definitely worth your time” books. This lead me to the three to five star (or should I say “bookmark”) system. Every book will have at least three bookmarks designated.  Anything less, well, would never appear on

Here is how the rating system goes;

Highly recommendedVery good and highly recommended. This title  keeps you engaged, gets you thinking and/or is quite enjoyable.

ExceptionalExceptional-all of the above, but especially noteworthy, maybe eclectic or even edgy.

Extraordinary. Must read now!Extraordinary-not only a ‘must read’, but a ‘must read now‘;  so get off your butt , and hurry to get this book!

Now you have it. We’d love your take on our takes.

BTW my review of Mygale will be up shortly.

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  1. Michelle Moralews says:

    I enjoyed Mygale very much.I could not put it down. It’s a great read, it keeps you in suspense. I highly recommned it.

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