Outside the Lines (Forensic Handwriting Series) (Volume 6) – Sheila Lowe

(Reviewed by Cathy Carey)

Do you know that hand writing that is small linear with wide spaces between the words indicates someone who is more intellectually than emotionally oriented? A left slant like that of a slingshot drawn back as taut as it can be signifies one who tends to filter all their experiences through their intellect. That person feels uncomfortable expressing feelings and restrains them until the pent-up emotions build up to a point where they have to be released (like letting go of the sling). This is just one example of what our handwriting says about us and what I learned while reading this book.

Forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose and her fiancé, detective Joel Jovanic are back again in another fast -paced murder mystery novel, Outside the Lines. I have eagerly awaited this sixth installment of this series and was not disappointed.

A housekeeper is killed after intercepting a bomb that was placed in her employer’s mailbox in Venice, California. Her employer is the chairman of the board of Agrichem, one of the world’s largest pesticides corporations.

Joel is called to the crime scene for the mailbox bombing and brings home some evidence for Claudia to examine.

Claudia decides to go to England to lecture and while there finds out more about this case that puts her at odds with her fiancé and the government agencies trying to solve this.

Author Sheila Lowe has a way of keeping you engaged as well as educating you about the process. Anyone who loves a good murder mystery and always has a curiosity to learn something new will enjoy all of her novels.

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