Poison Pen – Sheila Lowe

(Reviewed by Cathy Carey)


What does your handwriting tell about you?  What does the slant of your writing, the pressure of the writing, opened loop versus closed loop ( like with the letter “g” or “y”), cursive versus print all mean?  What if you write half cursive/ half print?

A lot of this says whether you have a need for approval, have low objectivity, etc. Are you the type who would engage in attention- getting behavior? Do you have trouble accepting responsibility for your mistakes? Are you angry, would you be the type that would take someone’s life with your bare hands?

“Most people don’t realize that handwriting analysis is based on scientific research. It gives clues about how the writer functions—potentials, weaknesses…”

This is what I learned from Poison Pen, the first of the series of wonderful mysteries about Claudia Rose, a highly regarded handwriting expert and graphologist whose major portion of her work involves behavioral profiling.

Claudia attends the funeral of a friend who was a very popular publicist.  Lindsey Alexander supposedly died of an apparent suicide.  Also attending are the who’s who of Hollywood, some powerful politicians and many A-list guests. It’s at the invitation- only wake that Lindsey’s manager approaches Claudia, asking her to analyze the suicide note.  He feels that this may have been a murder and not a suicide.

Poison Pen takes many twist and turns as to who may have been involved in the suspicious death of Lindsey Alexander.  The suspects include a business partner/ manager Ivan Novak, a long lost brother Earl Nelson, world class party planners Lillian Grainger and her husband Martin, and  senator  Bryce Heidt,  just to name a few. Every turn of the page leads you to believe she was on the verge of figuring out what happened only to be led in another direction.

Author Sheila Lowe has a gift of captivating you while educating you, leaving you unable to put the book down until you find WHO DONE IT!

I have already read Inkslingers Ball, the latest in the series, and am looking forward to reading the others. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves mysteries or just a good read.


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