Puzzle of Fate: Is Your Fate Predetermined or Can You Change It? – A. Reza Kamarei

(Reviewed by Jeyran Main)


Puzzle of Fate analyzes fate from a scientific point of view. Many books are discussing this matter whether it is philosophically or through religion. Others have also attempted to discuss this through fiction. However here, we experience a novel approach towards something much debated amoung scholars.

Is fate designed? Or can it be manifested? Are you able to create your own destiny? Who is really in charge?

I began reading this book with an open mind and open heart. I was expecting something new or innovative in the world of debate. What I found surprising was that this author manages to use old methods in pinpointing, elaborating and classifying factors and sub-factors that contribute to the building and shaping of our fate. Therefore, he has created an innovative way of debating using already used factors! Now that is a treasure indeed.

Dr. Kamarei invites us to use a drawn, six-factor system in a schematic diagram, calling it the House of Fate. He indulges us by stating that each factor will impact our lives at different times and forms, shapes and directions. They all affect us in various ways and what is more pleasant is that he declares:

“The past does not have to be your prison. You have a voice in your destiny. You have a say in your life. You have a choice in the path you take.”

The happiness and quality of life you lead is also mentioned in this book. Another intriguing part of the book is the “Unique Summit.” It is a term used when you have reached everything you have desired in your life. It is a destination where you will be satisfied and what more could any person need or want out of life?

I found this book to be compelling and a bit of fresh air in the science world. Readers that desire to know the truth about the logistics of fate and how to achieve an ultimately satisfying life will enjoy this book.

I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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