Saving Phoebe Murrow – Herta Feely

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)


Have you ever tried to be or imagined how to be a perfect mother while balancing your career? Well, suburban mother and a D.C. Lawyer Isabel Murrow can tell you how the journey has been so far. She loves her family and would do anything to protect it, especially her 13 year old teenage daughter, Phoebe. What she fails to see is the precarious position her daughter is in.

I started  this book mainly because of the description which gives a picture of how the plot has been built with the current century and the current generation in mind. I am happy to report that when it comes to the delivery of the plot, I was not disappointed at all. It beautiful and delicately speaks about cyber-bullying and teenage angst through the delicacy of a mother-daughter relationship. This definitely makes me feel much more appreciative about my mom and all that she has ever done for me.

Initially the narrative style disoriented me for a minute, but I definitely grew accustomed to it as I delved further into the book. The characters are beautiful and you actually have an empathetic relationship with all them; it doesn’t matter if it’s love, hate, disdain or admiration in nature.

The book title is pretty straightforward and coupled with the description, it doesn’t try to deceive into presuming anything otherwise. What I adored is be the delicate and yet strong cover image and the message it implied.

With the current century and the current technology-dependent generation, this is a perfect book for teenagers as well as the adults who are suffering from teenage angst. I loved the book and am definitely recommending it to one and all.

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