Secrets on River Road- Leanne Tyler

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)

“I believe you know exactly who you are, Madison Franklin. You are the same person who came here from Camden. Finding the answers you seek will not change you. It will only give you more confidence in the girl you already are.”

This statement truly establishes the motif for this beautiful romantic novel.

Madison Franklin was always confused when it came to her mother’s side of the family. A letter from her estranged aunts provided her with the right opportunity to find out more about her heritage. But nobody was ready to give her any answers. Amidst all this, she meets Connor Montgomery. Will the start of a new romance unravel the mystery of her family or will she always question her identity?

The search for identity has been narrated in such a way that there has been no hindrance to the flow of the story. The characters have ample space to establish their place in the book as well as in the mind of the reader as the author ensures that they develop fully into their potential so we fall in love with their personalities and intricacies.

The cover page does mislead you from the title of the novel, but the story of Madison and Camden blooming amongst secrets, set amidst 1920 will definitely keep you captivated. The setting seems old and yet has a modern edge to it that I found extremely pleasant. That being said, I wish the book had presented with a closure for the story of Aunt Maude and Duncan. Overall, Secrets on River Road did start on a slow note, but the buildup of the story was at the right pace for a blooming sweet romance.

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