Seven Visual Steps to Yes: Difficult Decisions, Mediations and Negotiations Made Easier – Janet Miller Wiseman

(Reviewed by Jeyran Main)


Seven Visual Steps to Yes is a reinforced and redesigned format of a user-friendlier book in an attempt to resolve conflict in relationships. Even if a couple is struggling to decide where to place their Christmas tree this year, Janet Wiseman is here to save the day!

Before starting to use the seven steps you first have to define the conflict in order to resolve it. Once that is clarified, then there is a formula of which this book goes into detail on, to come up with a solution.

Every chapter of this book explains a different situation between couples and their conflicts. Step by step you get to learn how to divide the various issues and to sub-categorize them to see the bigger picture. You then start eliminating them based on a point system. Very simply put, soon you realize that a huge problem like a divorce or having a mother in law moving in with you, is resolved in a way that you, not only have the complication settled, but still have a smile on your face as well.

Janet Miller Wiseman is a certified family and divorce mediator. I found her book easy to understand and very logical. The book, in general, is something that I believe anyone would need handy in his or her life. If I had to suggest anything, it would be that an initial diagram of how the seven steps fall into place would have been an excellent addition to the book before getting into particular scenarios.

What I liked most about the book was that there are times when we think that needing and wanting something are the same. If you step back and have an in depth thought on what I just said, you realize that we have made many decisions in our lives based on wanting things rather than needing them.

In summary, the book is a fairy godmother to our 21st-century problems. It is proven to work and can be reliable. Anyone interested in a logical way of decision-making can pick this book up and find it very useful.

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