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What now?

(by JD Jung) I apologize for the lack of activity on UnderratedReads, but I have been preoccupied with the depressing results of the recent U.S. Presidential election.  Actually, I have been in a daze, feeling powerless to fight what I … Continue reading

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Amerikan Krazy – Henry James Korn

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “The next thing Herb knew he was standing naked in the Johns Hopkins University powerhouse with a combination of Kennedy’s brains and his study date’s menstrual blood smeared all over his body…” This hallucination was among … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders, Independent for President: His Life Story, Ideas, and Goals, Plus a History of the Reagan Revolution and the Rise of the Billionaire Class – Matt Dukes Jordan

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “Politics is ultimately about people coming together to improve the lives of all Americans, and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors.” Bernie Sanders I’m a political junkie and have been my entire life. My … Continue reading

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