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Russia: History of Russia: Kievan Rus to Vladimir Putin, Tsars and Revolutions – All Shaping Russian Culture and Russian History- Ian Maslow

(Reviewed by JD Jung) I have been requested to review some short non-fiction books, and as promised, I am posting reviews of those that I recommend. History of Russia is such a book. Russia: History of Russia: Kievan Rus to … Continue reading

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The Hideout – Egon Hostovsky (Translated from the Czech by Fern Long)

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “I keep having the feeling that a good half of the human race got drunk in a kind of gigantic space where the air is all breathed out. The born fighters and brawlers started to fight … Continue reading

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The Butcher’s Daughter: A Memoir – Florence Grende

(Reviewed by Judy Deutsch ) The Butcher’s Daughter is a personal story of a young girl in Poland during The Holocaust and how she and her family survived. The book reads like a diary and is filled with descriptions during … Continue reading

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Savaged Lands – Lana Kortchik

(Reviewed by JD Jung) “Kiev was still burning and executions at Babi Yar continued, even though the river of condemned people had gradually dwindled to a creek. Not because the Germans relented, no. Because there was hardly anyone left to … Continue reading

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Sisters in the Resistance (Revised Edition) – Margaret Collins Weitz

(Reviewed by Glenda Anderson) Macho Man extraordinaire, Ernest Hemingway—who never met a war he didn’t salivate over—often carried a gun right at the front alongside with fighters, or got his vantage point from inside a local bar with his typewriter. … Continue reading

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Sailor Man: The Troubled Life and Times of J.P. Nunnally, U.S. Navy – Del Staecker

(Reviewed by Glenda Anderson) Tremendously touching and skillfully written, Del Staecker’s Sailor Man  is  succinct yet powerful. And it stunned me. This is a  true story of a sixteen-year-old so anxious to join the Navy in WWII and so patriotic to do … Continue reading

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In Secret Service – Mitch Silver

Reviewed by Lillian Thurston Ian Fleming may be gone, but this fascinating tale of a 40-year-old secret resurrects the old master. Raymond Greenberg of New Haven, Connecticut, is dead. As executor to his will, his granddaughter, Amy Greenberg, a young … Continue reading

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(By Glenda Anderson) “Ripped From The Headlines and Coming to Your Theater!” George Clooney’s film, “The Monuments Men,” due for release this December, was inspired by a book, not news headlines. The non-fiction “Monuments Men” by Robert Edsel  was also inspired … Continue reading

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