That Crazy Perfect Someday – Michael Mazza

(Reviewed by Don Jung)


Record- breaking surfer, Mufuri Long, has the goal of winning the Olympics in the future year of 2024. The trials and training that goes into this sport is splattered with her father’s depressive attitude on life as she tries to balance her goals with helping her father.

The detailed writing gives you a feel of the water splashing in your face as you see the main character try to find the magical wave. Her work with her coach and her love of her hot rod Charger interplay with the traumas of staying on top of her game.

Even though these events take place in the future, most of the focus sounds like it could happen in today’s world. There aren’t many technical aspects in the story except the police sending drones to your house to investigate disturbing occurrences.

Just when you think everything is hunky dory, the roof caves in on her life and an unusual
disaster shatters her desires and makes her re-think her life from both a personal and business standpoint. A former lover confronts her with some disturbing news and just when you feel things can’t get worse, more problems unfold with her father and his post-military career goes into turmoil.

The reader is caught off guard with these events and more surprises occur as you proceed
to the end zone. This keeps you guessing what could happen next and where does she
want to go with her future personal and romantic life.  Author Michael Mazza has a quirky but enjoyable style of writing.

Readers who appreciate novels with an unpredictable plot with so many twists and turns will enjoy this one.

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