The Butterfly Crest- Eva Vanrell

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)


Between probability, possibility and inevitably, if you were destined to die, how would you choose to live?

On a day as unremarkable as any other, Elena Vicens, a young woman living a seemingly ordinary life except for disturbing dreams, receives a letter remarking upon an inheritance from her mother, nineteen years after her mother’s death. And, unknowingly during a journey halfway across the world, Elena’s life changes.

The Butterfly Crest has an other-worldly pace that matches the genre perfectly. Other than providing a crash course in Japanese culture and language, the plot is flexible and imaginative which does make it an interesting and entertaining read. The characters are bold and strong and built against a background of a detailed and beautiful setting that lives up to all expectations. While the story may have started slow, the build-up was almost anticlimactic and will definitely dissuade you from putting the book down. The language and narrative style is soft and poetic and synchronises with the main plot and the setting as well as with the characters. The anticlimactic ending is definitely keeping me hooked to the continuation of this series.

Though I understand the symbolism behind the title, I fail to see it reflected in the cover image. And, that would be the only bone of contention I have with this book.

I absolutely loved The Butterfly Crest and I am looking forward to future installments.

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