The CEO’s Seduction – Diane Alberts

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)

Brett Ross managed to avoid the lure of his small town until his best friend decided to fall in love and get married. He knows what he is getting into, coming back here, but what he didn’t calculate was the way Anna Hamilton would make him feel.

Anna has been in love with Brett as far as she could recall. But being the annoying sister of his best friend doesn’t appeal to her anymore. Now it’s time to make Brett realise that behind the tough exterior of a CEO, there is a soft beating heart that has been in love with her, and not in ways of a little sister. The only problem is her pesky, protective, overbearing, four older brothers.

Well, the main idea is the same old concept – one tortured, insecure soul and one pure heart that is the key to happiness. But what is appealing about the book are the lively characters who are appealing to the readers and who bring a depth of emotion to the plot. I loved both the lead characters and the way they have been pictorised. But the minute detail of characterising the secondary characters not only made the plot entertaining but also provided a glimpse of what the future installments are going to be like.

The narrative style of writing an old concept in a new form definitely added a huge benefit to the appeal factor of the book. The ease of writing and the flow of words prevented it from becoming a task of reading lusty characters. While the sex appeal was kept intact, the nostalgia of a sweet romance helped in making it a beautiful story.

The CEO’s Seduction is a quick and light read, especially when you are jet-lagged.

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