The Fire in the Rock – Charles Norman

(Reviewed by Jeyran Main)


The fire in the rock is written about the time of Moses (Kisil) before he became the prophet. It is set at the time of the plagues on Egypt, the Ten Commandments and when Moses was a wanderer and an ordinary man.

Tzipporah is the wife of Moses, and the story begins before she was married to him. She is faithful and a ferocious lady. The love they had for each other was very sweet.

Although this book is fictional, it still narrates from existing biblical and historical references. It addresses a cataclysmic volcanic eruption that took place in the Easter Med at about the Exodus time. There are no superheroes or preaching of God appearing. It is simply a story of a man and woman defying a king, freeing people and ultimately changing the world.

I found the literary standard of this book to be of high quality. The layout of the book was exceptional. It is evident that the writer is in full understanding and control of all the historical and religious subjects related to the story. There wasn’t anything written that would offend or frown anyone religious reading the book. It is always a little tricky to write about prophets in a fictional way, and I think Charles Norman did an excellent job doing so.

I highly recommend The Fire in the Rock to people who like to read religious stories and historical events.

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