The Flawed Ones – Jay Chirino

(Reviewed by Jeyran Main)


We can never be defined by our shortcomings or the conditions we live in, but we can certainly fight and believe that love always conquers all. Our hearts are not touched by our flaws, and that is what The Flawed Ones teaches us.

Mental illness, depression, addiction and the effects of it all can easily cloud our judgments and have us make the wrong decisions. However, once Jay confronts them all, that is when his life takes a turn. The people around him are his influential backbone and shed the necessary insightful perspective he needs to rebuild his life.

The book not only raises awareness towards the subject matter but it also provides an eye-opening realization for the ones that have no idea what people with mental illness go through. Addiction is something most people suffer from. The author provides much heartfelt backstory to what causes his downfall. Once he loses the love over his unstable lifestyle, he changes things around. The turning point then becomes his light and what transpires to be this beautiful book of celebrating life.

I found the book to be written with much care, and it took me on a delightful emotional journey. I recommend this book to people who wish to know how it feels to be surrounded by so much darkness and how to overcome it.

The literature was easy to understand and to follow. The concept and content were well connected smoothly, causing the reader to remain intrigued and interested. I believe everything happens for a reason and this book is one of those you really don’t wish to miss reading.

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