The Grand – Dennis Wilson

(Reviewed by Jeyran Main)

The Grand begins with Dean Wister, a federal agent who has lost his wife, Sara, to cancer. Before she passes away, she asks Dean if they could go to their favorite place, the meadow, once she is feeling better. Unfortunately, she passes away and does not make it. Dean takes time off and goes to the meadow (located in Teton), in her loving memory.

Dan Cody is the Teton County Sheriff. He is investigating a death due to a car crash. However, since the guy passing away in the crash is a hit man, someone notoriously investigated by the Chicago Police, they send Dean to just go over the details and make sure there is nothing suspicious going on.

Dean is going through the seven stages of grief. His mind, emotional state and judgment can be affected by his investigation. Although he finds it hard to focus and to deal with his personal loss, Dean does a good job covering up his emotions. He talks to his wife’s ghost as a coping mechanism.

About the same time, the body of Jordy, a real estate agent is found dead, and another person named Hayden (Jordy’s Cousin) goes missing.

This twisted and intriguing tale of a thriller mystery increases your senses of wonder right up to the end. The plot and character building were superbly done. Dean is a highly likable character. The build-up and backstory at the beginning provide the exact dosage of information needed to bond with him. I loved the added story where he saves a dog from being abused by his owner. When you lose a loved one, animals can always assist you in the healing process, as they feel your pain.

The story is explained in several perspective angles and then brought together for the final reveal.

The book does reference sensitive topics such as human trafficking, death, loss, animal abuse and does have strong language throughout.

Dean is no James Bond; he uses basic instincts and common sense. He has no flashy car, and things don’t just magically fall on his path of discovery, which I liked very much. The story finishes with a bang, and there are some loose ends that can provide enough potential for a sequel.

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