The History Major – Michael Phillip Cash

(Reviewed by Lee Nelson)

Part mystery, part Twilight Zone, this fast-reading novella will excite the lovers of the unknown.

(By the way – it’s hard to write a review when one wants readers to discover the unexpected twists and turns for themselves, so please bear with me.)

A young woman wakes up after a night of heavy partying and her world is…skewed. She goes through her day hearing distant calls from her past, people in her life, and even herself as a child. She goes to college as planned…but now Aristotle is her teacher and things aren’t quite as they should be.

Author Michael Phillip Cash does an amazing job weaving a world full of the expected and unexpected that seems to still fit. His seemingly natural ability to describe the world surrounding the characters and how this world fits into their inner dialogue astounds me. His writing technique enabled me to inhale this story my first time through and now I need to re-read it for all the details I missed.

Literally, a third of the way in, I felt I was reading the successor to Stephen King. The spooky-ookiness of the writing gave me the willies similar to those of King’s Salem’s Lot. The moodiness, the inner turmoil of the main character, the twists and turns, all create a sense of unsettledness in the reader.

A must read for those who like their spooky without gore and for those who like the unexpected delivered in an original way.

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