The House of the Soul- Annie Dawson

(Reviewed by Jeyran Main)

Ella Casey is a loving mother, wife, and ambitious women. Once she meets her old friend Teri, she begins to doubt whether the path she took becoming domestic was what she was destined to do. This story is written for every woman who settles in life,  yet has a bigger heart in doing greater things.

I liked how the story of Ella’s past was substantial enough to give room for understanding why she had the thoughts and feelings that were overcoming her conscious decisions. When Ella accepts Teri’s invitation to visit her, she discovers and wishes that her life was like her friend’s. The insecurity and comparison overwhelm her and she starts doubting whether being a mom and a wife is good enough. Her background in being a Peace Corps volunteer does also take part in contributing to her feelings.

This book is expressively strong and in good literary standard. The pace of the story is easy enough to understand to not lose interest. The characters were well explained and had enough backstory to fall in love with them. I also liked how strong Ella was. She was decisive and resilient which is a good role model for the younger audience. Not that being a mother or a wife is anything less than wonderful, but Ella’s ambitious attitude of wanting to do more and making a difference was admirable.

It is a natural instinct to compare your life with that of an old friend you once were so close to and then meet after so long. I found the honesty in this book to be a crediting factor for the success of its plot and summary. The tale is filled with love, loss and many dramas making it a perfect read for an intriguing story.

I highly recommend this book. It will keep you engaged and to ponder afterward.

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