The Mating Game: What Every Woman Should Know – Lyndon McGill

(Reviewed by Jeyran Main)


When it comes to relationships and how to maintain a healthy connection with someone, it is very hard to understand and to read the other person’s thoughts and feelings. This book, although written from a male perspective, does give you an in-depth insight into human behavior, needs and how to keep a relationship.

The Mating Game introduces four urges, which are called the 4 “F’s.” These are what “motivate human behavior and ultimately determined the success or failure of a male- female relationship.”

At first, I thought that this book was going to be an all male-dominant “what we need,” “what we want” kind of book. The ones that bash woman and suggest men have no feelings and that it is all physical for them. However, the book surprised me. The Mating Game is more like a mental and psycho-social take on what is in the mind of the counterpart. The book also discusses underlying conflicts between the man and the women, which is one of the main reasons why we have such a high ratio of divorces in the 21st century. Dr. McGill covers many sensitive topics like loneliness, depression, how to reclaim respect and how to re-light a relationship that has lost it’s spark.

I found the book to be very easy going and the literary standard was in good standing. The topics were pleasantly connected and the layout was smooth. The sensitive and important issues came with the right flow. I especially enjoyed reading about how and why men are attracted to a certain type of women.

I believe many will benefit from reading this book. It has logical and medical reasoning to back its claims, and above all, it is easy to understand.

I recommend this book to anyone who appreciates comprehending the knowledge and reasoning behind relationships.

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