The Secret Sex Life of Angels: Mysteries of Isis – I. J. Weinstock

(Reviewed by Pat Luboff)


“When one man questioned the belief that the earth was flat, A New World was discovered and a Renaissance of unimaginable possibilities was born. Once we question our limited and destructive beliefs about sex, who knows? We may discover that, instead of being the curse of Eden and the highway to hell, sex is a gift of the gods and the gateway to heaven.”

If you’re an avid reader like I am, and you probably are if you’re reading this, you can tell right away if the writer knows what he or she is doing. Sometimes I read the dedication and say, “Eeek, if he can’t write a dedication, how can he write a whole book?” Sure enough, one or two pages in, I toss the book into the “not going to waste my time” pile.

This book was delightfully the opposite situation. I was halfway down the first page when I said to myself, “Self, this guy knows how to write!” And I dove into the story.

The story is a fantasy, especially considering the actual person in the White House now. In this story, the President of the United States is initiated into ancient mysteries that give him the ability to connect directly to the creative energy of the universe and save the world from destruction. Through sex.

When I came upon the first sex scene in the book, I cringed a bit inwardly. “Is this going to be pornographic? I’m not sure I want to read it.” But I plunged onward. As I continued reading, I felt that the author had done something very tricky. He had exposed my own prejudices about sex to me. Not that I’m alone. Our society will let our children see a hundred acts of violence, torture, murder, every night on TV and in video games. Killing is acceptable. But sex is dirty. That’s our society’s basic message, and it goes back to Adam and Eve being ashamed and donning fig leaves.

But Weinstock wants the world to see that sex is pure spiritual power that can transform us. The president’s initiation is told in detail. And, although the details were explicit, I didn’t feel that they were intended to titillate, but to inspire. His point is that sex is so much more than the thrashing about usually depicted in our media. I came away a believer.

If you are squeamish about sex, I don’t recommend this book. But if you are open to learning about elevating your opinion about the role that sex can play in your life, I recommend it highly.

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