The Wine and Chocolate Workout: Sip, Savor, and Strengthen for a Healthier Life – Greta Boris

(Reviewed by JD Jung)


“Did you know the average wine drinker, when compared with the rest of the population, has a smaller waistline, less belly fat, and lower body mass? Not only that, but they tend to be better educated, have a higher IQ, eat more fruits and vegetables, and exercise more.”

Well, I don’t know if that’s true, but I have possessed a strong interest in health and fitness for years and have suffered from a serious chocolate addiction for even longer. So of course when I saw the title The Wine and Chocolate Workout, I just had to read it.

So is this for real or is the title just a teaser? Well, I think it’s both and definitely worth the read.

Wine and chocolate represent “fun, joy and healthy indulgence.” in the author’s life. Also it’s the indulgence that most women would least likely give up. Author Greta Boris fanatically touts the benefits of drinking wine and eating small amounts of dark chocolate. Unfortunately I prefer milk chocolate to dark which would be considered a treat (A treat is from the banned ingredient list.)

So why then would I recommend this book? Boris shows us how to include these treats in our lives. She also provides some psychological tricks to help us eat healthy. What will change your weight and health? “moderation, meditation, and acceleration [energy]” We must also examine our attitudes about food.

There are great resources at the end of the book. You can even download the work pages from her website to record.

She believes in the concept of “training”. “Training means making small changes with consistency and allowing yourself to physically and mentally adapt before another change is introduced.” Furthermore, “Training will actually alter the physical makeup of your body, change your emotional state, and give you knowledge you can’t unlearn.”

This book will make a nice gift for someone who is trying to incorporate wine and chocolate into their diet or even  someone who is sick of constantly dieting . After all, The Wine and Chocolate Workout isn’t a diet; it is for life.

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  1. Greta boris says:

    Thanks for the review. Love the title of this site.

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