Three Weeks To Wed (The Worthingtons) – Ella Quinn

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)

Lady Grace Carpenter has loved only one man since the day she made her debut in the Ton Season. She never expected to run into him again, years later, on a stormy night. She was ready to seize the day, or rather, the night, since she knew that marriage would never be in the cards for her. What she didn’t count on was the dogged persistence of Max Worthington to pursue and seduce her.

A fight for love can never be boring for the Ton.

Though Julia Quinn has been the queen of Regency romance in my opinion, Ella Quinn has surprised me with her talented narration in the first book of her new series. While the plot was built on a simple romance, the powerful chemistry definitely added fuel to it.

Though the lust and chemistry did feel over the top, considering it is a periodic novel, what I liked the most was that it was perfectly balanced with light entertainment that helped in making this fictional account more entertaining and light.

The lead characters had well-developed personalities, but what appealed more to me was their relationship with their family members. To be more honest, I loved the secondary characters more and from the way they were introduced, it definitely hinted towards an excellent continuation of the Worthington series.

Somehow all the Regency romances have a very characteristic cover image where there is a studly looking guy with a shirt showing of his perfectly majestic shoulders and a girl intimately positioned and wearing a periodic gown. This image is no different and definitely represents the combustible relationship of the lead characters. The title has also been framed with the same ideology.

Three Weeks To Wed is a good, lively book that will keep you entertained as the week winds down.

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