Time to Run: Part One (Nick of Time) – John Gilstrap

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)


A young woman, on the verge of dying, decides to take a last joyride with a man who is killing more than time.

John Gilstrap has made a name in crime thrillers so I had really high expectations when I requested  this book in exchange of an honest review. Being the first in the Nick of Time series, this book definitely acts as a foundation for the whole plot and promises a future of action and fast-paced drama. Being a founding book has its advantage. You not only learn about the plot but also get to see the characters from the very beginning and see them grow as the book/ series rolls out. The same stands true for this book. The style of narration is quite simple and engaging, and overall matches with the tone of the plot.

The cover image and the title is dramatic enough to attract your attention and both of them complement each other and the main plot very well.

The book is an engaging tale of action and drama that will make the readers come back for more.

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