‘Tis the Season – Jennifer Gracen

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)


Being the heir of the Harrison enterprise, propriety has been the middle name of Charles Harrison the III. He has always followed the rule and decorum. However now he is tempted by the bewitching nanny.

Lisette has always loved the eldest Harrison from a distance. She never expected more than that the reigning prince will ignore the social differences and fall for her. Can she believe in the magic of Christmas and believe in their new love? Or will she run out again?

Having followed the Harrisons from the very beginning, I was glad that Kensington didn’t put up any conditions while requesting the ARC. There is nothing dramatic to expect from the plot. It’s a buildup of a sweet romance between two mature characters with problems that almost resemble the real world. The characters definitely have a personality that can be defined as approachable and relatable. The plotline is sweet and simple while ensuring continuity with the previous two books. The style of narration is simple and keeps in tune with the romance of the lead characters. The cover image definitely looks more like a movie poster than a book cover, but it’s not something major that I will crib about.

For those who are obsessive like me and don’t like to leave a series in between, you won’t be disappointed. For those who are starting it for the first time, you won’t miss out on the previous books; this one has its unique personality and you can very well enjoy it.

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