Wishing You the Best in 2017

(by JD Jung)



We would all like to thank you for using UnderratedReads as one of your resources for book recommendations.

We are looking forward to continue to give you our opinions on exciting and thought-provoking “underrated” releases in 2017.

Though we only post reviews on books that we recommend, there are some that our reviewers have considered to be the best underrated or forgotten books that we discovered in 2016.

Here they are…


Elegant Entrepreneur – Danielle Tate   (Business)    reviewed by JD Jung

On the Nose: A Lifelong Obsession with Yosemite’s Most Iconic Climb – by Hans Florine , Jayme Moye           (Adventure, travel)     reviewed by Ishita RC

Pancakes in Paris: Living the American Dram in France – Craig Carlson (Bios & Memoirs, travel)     reviewed by JD Jung

Super Nuke!: A Memoir About Life as a Nuclear Submariner and the Contributions of a “Super Nuke” – the USS RAY (SSN653) Toward Winning the Cold War – Charles Cranston Jett          (Bios & Memoirs)     reviewed by Ishita RC

The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction – M. A. Orthofer   (World literature Reference) reviewed by JD Jung

Walking the Nile – Levison Wood   (Travel) reviewed by Ishita RC


America’s First Daughter: A Novel – Stephanie Dray & Laura Kamoie   (Historical Fiction)  reviewed by Ishita RC

Archibald Lawless, Anarchist at Large – Walter Mosley (noir-esque fiction)

Ashvamedha: The Game of Power – Ms Aparna Sinha   ( Indian Literature, political lit, crime/ mystery/thrillers)   reviewed by Ishita RC

Beat the Rain – Nigel Jay Cooper (Modern literary fiction)

Fardwor, Russia!: A Fantastical Tale of Life Under Putin – Oleg Kashin,  (Translated from the Russian by Will Evans)

Game of Anarchy: Race Against Time – Kenneth Jones  (Indian Literature, political lit, crime, mystery, thriller) reviewed by Ishita RC

The History Major – Michael Phillip Cash   ( Mystery, sci-fi) reviewed by Lee Nelson

The Jolly Coroner: A Picaresque Novel– Quentin Canterel (crime/mystery & thrillers, dark humor, satire)

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules– Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg   (Humor & Satire, world literature) reviewed by  Pat Luboff

Outside the Lines (Forensic Handwriting Series-Vol. 6) – Sheila Lowe   (Crime, mystery, thrillers)   reviewed by  Cathy Carey

Pearl, MD – Marie Bartlett   (Historical fiction) reviewed by Jeyran Main

Red Lights – Georges Simenon, Translated from the French by Norman Denny, Introduction by Anita Brookner)

The Vikramaditya Trilogy Book 1/The Guardians of the Halahala – Shatrujit Nath                (Indian literature, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/mythology)  reviewed by Ishita RC


Have a safe New Year!




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