Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Nutritional Food – Catherine Shanahan MD, Luke Shanahan

(Reviewed by Jeanne Peters RD)

As a Registered Dietitian for over thirty-five years, I have read and recommended plenty of nutrition books to my clients. However, I now count this book as one of my “Top 10” nutrition books because it goes deeper than most health books you’ve ever read. You’ll discover how nutrition affects your physique and beauty, what your teeth say about your health, how your food choices can switch on and off your “good and bad genes”, why eating cholesterol and plenty of “good fats” like butter is essential to your health and well-being, what the healthiest, longest-living cultures have in common, and more.

The author, Dr. Cate Shanahan, begins by sharing some cutting edge information on the science of epigenetics — how our genes have been altered by the food choices of our parents. She explains how traditional foods and fertility practices (spacing births, high nutrient density foods for potential parents, breastfeeding, etc.) led to healthier offspring. If you are planning to conceive children, you MUST read this book to learn how your choices today will impact the “genetic wealth” of your children and grandchildren.

She also delves into the connections between your genetic wealth, food choices and physical beauty. I’m not talking about the kind of beauty that comes from cosmetic surgery or heavy makeup; I’m talking about strength and symmetry, good bone structure, skin tone and vitality that shines through no matter what your age or race. Cellulite and sagging skin aren’t inevitable with age; they are side effects of a diet lacking in collagen and other tissue-building nutrients. She shares how the Marquardt Mask provides concrete evidence that beauty is not simply in the eye of the beholder – that our minds are trained to recognize symmetry and associate it with health. This exterior beauty is associated with interior functionality.

The book continues with looking at food and nutrition for the past forty years and how the “diet dictocrats” have contributed to nothing but complete confusion over what makes for a healthy meal plan. She then explains in depth the four traditional foods consumed by cultures from around the world and how they contribute to deep nutrition.

Dr. Cate believes that all authentic cuisines around the world typically include the following four foods categories and she refers to them as “The Four Pillars to Achieve Optimal Health”:

• Meat on the Bone
• Organ meats
• Fermented and sprouted foods
• Fresh, uncooked ingredients

The book finishes with wonderful easy recipes that you can incorporate into your diet to start re-building your health. Her son, Luke, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, was inspired by his mom to translate her advice into healing recipes.

For example, if you start using their bone broth recipe you can rebuild your cartilage and joints to be stronger and healthier than ever. My husband, Dr. Allen Peters and I have recommended these recipes to dozens of our clients. We have seen some amazing stories in the past year. Those who faithfully enjoy bone broth each week have experienced increased flexibility and joint mobility, less joint pain, less gut pain and so much more.

I truly this believe that Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Nutritional Food will change lives, and can impact your family’s health forever.

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