Eternal Ecstasy (The Guardians of the Realms Book 10) – Setta Jay

(Reviewed by Ishita RC)


As the ruling God of Thule, Hroarr’s priority will always be his duty towards his world. Gifted with the ancient ability of sjá, he has seen the birth and destruction of hundreds of worlds, but at the great personal cost of numbing his emotions. And yet, the petite and seductive Guardian healer from Earth seems to heal his broken soul.

Sirena has done her duty diligently just so that she can ease the burden of her secret and vile bloodline. With the growing threat to the world that she and her fellow Guardians protect, she doesn’t need the distraction of a domineering God from another world.

Will the two strong-headed being survive their fated destiny before the end of the worlds is here?

I have followed this series from the very beginning, so I am duty bound to write about it. Let me just clarify one thing, you cannot read this book as a stand-alone and expect things to make sense. The plot-line is far too evolved to make any judgement or correlation. The same disclaimer has been made by the author at the start of the novel, though she has also provided a succinct summary of the story that has evolved so far.

Coming to the plotline, I am extremely happy that the author has maintained the authenticity of the content with all due diligence and given it every opportunity to bloom like the rest of the predecessors of the series, despite the fact that this is a culmination to the entire series. The story-line is combustive alone with the drama of the impending finale. The characters definitely added to the plot with their explosive chemistry. The overall dynamics of the book will keep the readers engrossed till the very end, a guarantee from a reader who just finished the book and is writing this review.

The title of the book is in pace with tone of finality of the book, while the cover image reflects the raw appeal of an erotica.

I am just glad that I finished the series with the same satisfaction that I started with.

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